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Broker Alliance Program

HCM Property Management has established the Broker Alliance Program to offer a solution to Brokers with the dilemma of needing to offer Property Management and Leasing Services, but being stuck with the headache, liability and expense of providing the service. Aligning with HCM Property Management will allow your brokerage to offer these services at a professional level with no overhead, while receiving ongoing passive income.

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  • We pay you a 20% MONTHLY referral fee on management fees collected
  • We pay you a $750 one-time referral fee tor your referring agent
  • We refer the client back to YOU when they are ready to sell.
A view from the water of a cream colored two story home, which has a private dock with two boats, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.
Two story blue sided house with white trim, which has a octogonal tower and a green garden, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.


  • Earn Passive Income
  • Increase your business by selling, not managing
  • Offer Property Management and Leasing Services without having to do the work
  • Keep your client – We refer them back to you when they are ready to sell
  • Work with Investor clients more easily
  • Don’t risk your license by or reputation by failing to manage units properly


    • Sign up with HCM Property Management by completing the Broker Alliance Form (TBD)
    • Advise your agents that HCM is your exclusive Property Management and Leasing
      Services company
    • We will distribute funds for the 20% referrals on management fees on a monthly basis
      via check or ACH
    • We will distribute funds for the $750 Agent Referral within 2 weeks of the property being
      leased and under a management contract
    • We will issue you an annual IRS Form 1099 in January of each year
    • Allow HCM to provide agent marketing materials and schedule office presentations as
    • When the client is ready to sell their investment property, we will refer it back to you –

You can cancel at any time…no long term commitments required.

If any of these describes your situation, let’s talk because we can purchase your management
contracts and provide a smooth transition for your owner-investor client.


Your Clients Listing is About to Expire

You did your best but maybe the timing or property wasn’t quite right. Instead of losing the listing to another firm, you can refer the client to us as a rental. You will earn the referral fee, we will keep you top of mind with the client and when the time is right to list again, you will be in the best position to re-list.

Your Client is an Investor

Managing rentals is what we do. Finding clients and properties is what you do best. You collect the sales commission and let us to the work on the property management. Prove the concept, deliver great service and your client will buy more investment property!

Your Client Needs Immediate Income

Relocation, Divorce, Overextended…the client is in a tough spot and needs to sell the property quickly and now it is your problem to fix! Renting generates immediate income and may just give your seller the breathing room they need to navigate their situation. Once the crisis is averted, you will be in a great position to take that listing.

Your Client Lives Overseas/Out of State

If your investor client lives out of the area, having a property management partner may get them off of the fence whether to buy another property. Give your out of area client the confidence to say yes to that next property.

Your Client is Buying for Future Use

We have seen many clients purchase property today and plan on using it when they are ready to retire. This allows them to take advantage of today’s prices and earn substantial revenue until the time was right for them to move. Many end up keeping the rental and buying another Property.


Aerial view of a neighborhood of homes and trees with the ocean in the background, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.

Earn 20% of all Management Fees for referred homes 

(Earn $240+ per door per yr).

If you ran a full blown property management business that maintained a 20% profit margin, you would consider that successful! By partnering with HCM you can earn your 20% margin without the stress and overhead of running the business. Your agents win also because they get their referral fee by referring clients to HCM.

Protect your client

When your client is ready to sell, we refer them back to you – Guaranteed.

We keep your client top of mind – If you did a listing presentation and the owner was debating whether to sell or lease and you did not get the listing, would that owner remember you later? With HCM, we continue to work with your client building a long-term trusted relationship. When they are ready to consider selling again, you will be top of mind.

View of a light house through a palm tree grove, with a blue sky behind it, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.
A khaki tudor style two story home, surrounded by a red brick fence and a garden with trees, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.

Maintain your reputation

Property Management can be a tough business that can inherently create conflict with tenants and owners and occasionally result in negative reviews on Yelp or Google. Avoid the potential negative reviews and threats of lawsuits over repairs or security deposit refunds. Preserve your important online reputation and focus on selling more homes.

Technology enabled Property Management Services

HCM is enabled with the latest in Property Management technology, offering your clients best in class service:

  • On-Line Payments
  • Owner and Tenant Portals
  • On-Demand Showings any day of the week
  • 24/7 Maintenance Support
  • Leasing, Eviction and Tenant Guarantees
View of the Huntington Beach Pier from the beach, under a blue sky streaked with clouds, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.
View of the city skyline of lights from the water after sunset, near where HCM offers Southern California property management.


Are you doing your clients justice by managing and leasing homes? Property Management is highly regulated industry…ensure you stay compliant by partnering with HCM:

Compliance with ADA, Fair Housings Laws and Assistance Animal Guidelines:

  • Landlord Tenant Law
  • Lease Enforcement
  • IRS Compliance
  • Move-out procedures and security deposit return
  • Inspections
  • Rent collection and disbursement


  • Do you find yourself managing properties for free (or nearly free) because your investor
    asked you to?
  • Do you have a property management division that simply takes too much of your time
    with low returns?
  • Do you get anxiety each time a tenant calls because you do not have the people,
    processes or systems in place to handle such calls easily?
  • Do you want to focus on what you do best and not be hassled with property
  • Do you want to get rid of the property management headaches but not sure how?

If any of these describes your situation, let’s talk because we can purchase your management
contracts and provide a smooth transition for your owner-investor client.